DID Origination 

Kinetix Tele.com through its extensive network provides DID origination from essentially any destination. For the convenience of our partners, Kinetix Tele.com International bundles the DID origination service with the following value-added services for free:

  • On line CDRs and charges for both parties
  • Payments history
  • Trouble ticket engine and QoS heads-up
  • Different methods of payment suitable for all kinds of operators
    (wire transfer, credit card, paypal)

These value-added services ensure that every partner of Kinetix Tele.com International receives the highest possible service quality. DTMF is guaranteed to be transported. The DID traffic can be delivered from all our major PoPs (view map) through VoIP (H323, SIP, IAX, MGCP) or TDM (ISDN and SS7).