Calling Card Solutions

Kinetix now provides the KCC (Kinetix Calling Card) platform, a 100% outsourced calling card solution for operators in any country around the world. The service can be completely or partially outsourced, and consists of the following components:

  • Collection of incoming call (usually via a toll-free number, DID), by using our own DID origination service or an existing DID number provided by an operator
  • IVR & AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)
  • Routing & Billing
  • Call Termination

The advantages of KCC are:

  • Ease of use through web driven menus
  • QoS monitoring
  • Zero infrastructure
  • Zero time to market
  • Zero overhead & administrative costs

One or all of the KCC components can be outsourced. Operators with existing infrastructure can use one or more of the KCC components, while start-up operators can benefit from utilizing all the KCC component, thus eliminating the need for investment in infrastructure, allowing then to focus on marketing and sales.