About us

Our corporate mission is to offer our customers unique, highly effective and innovative solutions, an incomparable after-sales service, contributing to their business success with promises that we keep. This sums up the philosophy of the company and is the driving force and reason for being. Whatever takes place at Kinetix Tele.com International Inc. is based on this uncompromising principle. Thus, it has managed to become today a company whose name carries a guarantee and is trusted by many carriers around the globe.

Today, more than ever, Kinetix Tele.com International Inc. continues to create, to innovate, to evolve and to develop at a high rate. Its ideas remain fresh and effective. These ideas are born after research and study, which aim to meet every demand. Everything that takes place in Kinetix Tele.com Inc. follows the same principle and philosophy, which has at its core the promise of absolute quality.

Our corporate goal & vision is to deliver high quality innovative telecommunication services which will become points of reference in their respective markets.